Group Exercise Classes: 4 Simple Tips For Beginners

By: RandyYoumans

Group exercise classes are fun and effective ways to start an exercise program, no matter if you’re new to the gym or an old regular. It can be daunting to go into a gym with strangers and work out in a group. Many people who start out in group fitness classes only take one class and then never return. Here are some tips for beginners to group fitness classes.

DON’T HIDE IN Group Exercise Classes

If you’re new to the class, you shouldn’t be in the back corner so your instructor can’t see. Your instructor will be able to see you and offer assistance if you need it. You can also see people who have been exercising for years and take their cues when you aren’t there.


It is easy to get caught up in the energy and music of the room while you exercise, but it’s important to remember to listen to your body. Only you can determine how you feel and what you can handle. You shouldn’t push yourself to the point where you feel like you might pass out or have to throw up. You should take a break if you feel like you might pass out or throw up. Also, make sure you hydrate. It’s a good idea to have a water bottle so that you don’t need to leave the classroom. While your instructor will be there to assist you, it is your responsibility to look after yourself in class.


Your instructor should know that this is your first time taking part in group exercise classes. You will get tips and guidance from your instructor Pancare Health about what to expect in class. If you are feeling lost or uncertain, a good instructor will be there to help you. Your instructor is always there to assist you. Do not hesitate to ask questions.


Don’t attempt to do something you don’t know how to do. Many beginners are discouraged and even hurt by this. All levels should be able to participate in group exercise classes (unless otherwise noted). However, if you are not confident performing an exercise, do not attempt it. If you don’t understand what you are doing, you could injure yourself. If you are unable to modify the exercise, ask your instructor. If not, take a break until safety allows you to rejoin.