Integrated Supplements Acquires FitRX

By: RandyYoumans

Integrated Supplements, Inc., a best-in-class manufacturer of nutrition products, announces today the acquisition of, a global e-commerce retailer of health, fitness, and wellness products.

“Integrated continues to maintain a single focus to deliver families worldwide the highest quality health and wellness products available. The acquisition of FitRX accelerates our progress in this pursuit by providing the e-commerce component we’ve lacked, both in understanding the marketplace and in responding quickly to market changes,” said Cole Rosen, President of Integrated Supplements. A holding company will be formed to ensure Integrated Supplements and continue to utilize their individual strengths and maintain their unique brand offerings. Integrated’s objectives remain the design, manufacture and distribution of the highest rated nutritional supplements, as well as exclusive distribution by the world’s largest retailers such as Target and Walmart. provides the end-user unparalleled product selection and pricing, while setting the industry standard in e-commerce solutions for the category. 

In a related development, Integrated announces the addition of Eric Holmes as Vice President of Operations, reporting to President Cole Rosen. In this role, Mr. Holmes will have oversight of the entire supply chain of both companies, the development of supplier relationships, and the expansion and operation of both FitRX retail and online stores.

Integrated Supplements Launches Select Products Into Walmart

At Integrated, since our inception and until today, our focus is the delivery of the highest quality health and wellness products for families across the planet. A little over two years ago, I announced to you that to make those products more accessible to every family, they would be made available across the country at all Target locations. Growth supplements And today, in furthering our goals of accessibility, its with an equal pride that we announce the availability of select Integrated Supplements products at Walmart stores across the United States. To find the closest location to you simply visit our website store locator.


We’ll have some exciting announcements soon, as well as new products launching in the Fall to further enrich your family’s health and wellness. 

ntegrated Supplements Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate is 100% natural CFM whey (a unique and safe method of extraction).  This powder substance can add protein to a person’s diet, which helps him or her in building muscle. 

High protein diets can help to regulate a person’s blood sugar levels, increase total energy and help repair muscle tissue after an intense workout. The mix can be added to water, yogurt, milk, coconut milk, oatmeal, juice or made into a smoothie. 

Whey Protein Isolate comes in flavors like vanilla ice cream, Dutch chocolate, and wild strawberry.

Creapure Creatine Monohydrate is 99.99% pure creatine and it can easily be combined with drinks, juice, shakes or water.  Creatine helps to build muscle, boost brain function and has even been used as treatment for osteoarthritis. 

One of the website’s main points is the war against the nutritional supplement industry, whom Integrated Supplements claims has dirty secrets.  These secrets point to many supplemental companies using cheap ingredients for filler that could be harmful to the human body. 

Some of the most often ill-produced ingredients just happen to be whey, fiber and creatine. Integrated Supplements sells all of these and advertises them as pure.

Integrated Supplements’ Ingredients

Sucralose is another sore point with the company; Integrated Supplements states that this commonly used artificial sweetener has been linked to various carcinogenic, reproductive and neurological effects. Integrated Supplements insists that sucralose has more in common with pesticides than organic fruit, chemically speaking.

Speaking of pure ingredients just what kind of ingredients does Integrated Supplements use in its formulas?  The Whey Protein product contains crystalline fructose, dutch cocoa, glycine, non-GMO lecithin, fine sea salt, inulin fiber, lo han fruit extract.  

The Creapure Micronized Creatine Monohydrate is 100% pure and has no other listed ingredients. 

The Fiber Balance supplement contains Nutrim oat bran, a special type of Fibersol2 brand digestion-resistant maltodextrin, vegetable protein isolate, apple fiber, Lo Han fruit extract and inulin fiber.  For sweetening, there is oligofructose, fructose, cinnamon, and natural apple flavoring.

Integrated Supplements Reviews

Most users have only kind things to say about Integrated Supplements, and frequently comment on the sweet taste of its formulas.  There is some criticism concerning the high calorie intake of Whey Protein Isolate and the Fiber Balance formulas, as well as the high calorie counts of juice and milk that usually accompany these formulas. 

These Integrated Supplements products are not weight loss products, but more often identified with bodybuilders who can enjoy the physical effects of creatine, the necessity of protein and the healthy effects of additional fiber. 

The Integrated Supplements website does not sell its products directly and thus there is no guarantee offered to consumers.  However, the company does send surfers to official dealers who carry Integrated Supplements products.

Integrated Supplements and Quality

It’s difficult to fault Integrated Supplements for its intentions; it does devote great attention to explaining its purifying processes and 99.99% or greater purity levels on all supplements. 

These Integrated Supplements products are not likely to please consumers trying to lose weight, and will probably not be as popular as common fat burner or metabolism booster products.  However, for weight lifters and bodybuilders serious about building muscle through healthy supplementation, there is a lot to love about Integrated Supplements.




Consider the label to make certain there are as couple of added active ingredients as possible to the milk-based proteins. Ensure it is not a spiked protein. After that, I concentrate on preference as well as digestibility.Review the protein scores prior to purchasing to assist with deciding on the preference.


After 6 years of not being in a fitness center, I intended to begin exercising once more to lose the infant weight. At the time I was taking care of and also desired a tidy protein for me as well as my infant. I tried a few other products but found out I had gastrointestinal concerns with them. So, while I was consuming that container I took to the web looking for other proteins. I discovered Integrated Supplements and also it was the Number 1 rated protein for quality. When I sought out their website I saw the active ingredients were tidy (not a lot of ingredients) and also the children might use it also. I was marketed.


Utilized the Integrated Supplements protein exclusively while I was nursing. Adding it to my early morning oatmeal or pancakes was a terrific means to get the included protein every mother needs. I additionally drank this protein after working out in an easy healthy smoothie dish or as a treat mid-day. Since I am no longer nursing I have actually added another protein right into my daily diet plan. Core Nutritionals Pro is a protein mix that is a great resource for protein also. I have discovered that the isolated protein that the Integrated Supplements offers is by far the cleanest and finest option when I have actually studied hard.


Kids do not get enough protein, similar to numerous adults don’t. So if we can fit some extra protein right into their diet regimens at an early stage they will remain to have healthy and balanced bodies as they expand. I am not concerned with the safety and security concerning this item being taken in by youngsters. Once again, I utilized this item while nursing and also my child is healthy. Day-to-day I put it in healthy smoothies and pancakes for my youngsters and also they do not also understand it! So far, I have not had them drink it by itself, but I need to have them attempt the chocolate in a shaker mug to see if they like it. I make certain they would.

Integrated Supplements Whey Isolate Protein Benefits

According to the supplier, Integrated Supplements Whey Isolate Healthy Protein has “30 percent a lot more protein and also antioxidants per offering than a whey concentrate, and the lowest quantities of fat, lactose, as well as cholesterol.”

Integrated Supplements additionally claims this product “is abundant in taste as well as has no additives and also preservatives.”

We agree with the company’s claim the item is a strong and also tidy protein resource with included health benefits. Again, undenatured whey protein isolate helps increase the body’s glutathione levels which indicates a rejuvenated immune system.