You Need to Know About Travel Nursing Insurance

By: RandyYoumans

Registered nurses dedicate their days to caring for others, yet it is equally important that you take good care of yourself too. Consider a career in travel nursing and make sure your benefits package includes medical insurance – My Private Health Insurance offers personalized travel nursing health insurance plans at an affordable price point that are accessible to everyone, including small and family-owned businesses as well as individuals.

Healthcare can be costly, whether you need an annual wellness exam or an urgent care visit. Good health insurance is essential for any new job – particularly travel nurses. You need access to preventive care and prescription drugs as well as emergency or urgent care in case of serious illness or injury while away on assignment.

What is the ideal time to begin health benefits?

In order to be eligible for any job in this country, you must have health insurance from day one. With  our coverage is second to none – we provide coverage from Day One of your assignment!

What are the premiums and co-pays?

Prescription drugs and preventative screenings are covered by health insurance plans. Your plan’s rate structure can influence rates and copays you pay; our carrier negotiates competitive prices to keep those costs as low as possible for you.

Are Vision and Dental Insurance Included?

What happens in case of a dental emergency? Not all companies provide vision and dental coverage, so travel nurses have an option for both.

What about prescription drug coverage?

Travel nurses don’t want to have to deal with medication issues. While most placement agencies provide coverage for prescription drugs, out-of-pocket costs could be quite high. With our plan, however, your copays are guaranteed at competitive prices.

Are You Eligible for Coverage Between Jobs?

Yes, as a travel nurse you have the privilege to make appointments and arrange doctor visits for yourself and your family between assignments. Before accepting an assignment it’s important to research the policy of the travel nurse company in question.

Insurance Coverage for Travel Nurse Jobs

Nurses often take time off between contracts to visit family or take vacations. That means they need extra driving time to get to their next facility too, which is why we created this option: each traveler will be notified by their HR specialist of the available options as their contract ends so that they never feel left unsure what happens next. This ensures peace of mind for travelers throughout this transition period.

  • Bridge Program: At TNAA, you have the unique option to take up to 30 days off between assignments. Your recruiter and HR specialist will coordinate everything, eliminating any stress over missing deadlines or trying to figure it out on your own. At TNAA, we treat our members like family – think of us as your personal travel concierge!
  • COBRA: COBRA is a plan that allows you to pay in advance for your coverage – unlike typical insurance which typically requires monthly premiums. Your HR specialist will assist in switching you over to COBRA and then reinstate you once you return to work; oftentimes, this same insurance card also remains.