Know More About the “Man’s Greatest Food”

By: RandyYoumans

It’s hard to imagine a life without good food and great television. Combining both of these things will guarantee bliss and a sense of well-being. Roger Mooking, the host of Man’s Greatest Food is one of the most fascinating shows on television. According to the Cooking Channel this show takes viewers on a culinary journey that includes amazing dishes such as pork, pizzas, steaks and seafood.

It is important to remember that nothing is forbidden and that you should try different foods. Mooking is on a fast-paced journey across the country trying out new foods with unparalleled enthusiasm. If you are patient enough you will likely find a dish you love in an episode and can’t wait to try it on your next trip. You want more information about the show? For more information about Man’s Greatest Food, read on.

You might be surprised at the hidden treasures that you will find

The Cooking Channel highlighted that Mooking’s job can be difficult. As he seeks out food products that are superior to others, Mooking must take on a difficult but rewarding journey. He makes it a point to immerse himself fully in each dish he attempts, dedicating entire episodes to pork dishes from various brands and restaurants in the U.S.

Some of the suggestions from Mooking during the show? He loves a good brisket from LA23 BBQ, Louisiana. But he doesn’t mind Man’s Greatest Food, a good classic pizza from the Pizza Bar in Miami. Want to know more about the chefs on this list? Mooking enjoys the fresh oysters at Lazy Days Restaurant in Florida and the Burger Bonanza hamburger that is packed with special ingredients like pickled jalapenos.

In an interview with Naluda Magazine, Mooking discussed the show and stated that he must work out to lose weight due to the amount of food he eats. He said, “I travel and eat food. And have fun with guests who make my best version of Man’s Greatest Food of what they are best at.” To keep my fitness levels high, I have to go to the gym regularly.