Snap Fitness: Meet the Retailer

By: RandyYoumans

We spoke with Hilarie, Snap Fitness Ormiston Manager, about her career in the health and fitness industry, her love for her job leading the Snap Fitness team and the challenges that comes with exercising in lockdown.

Snap Fitness Ormiston has kept our minds on food and baking for the past few weeks. However, their amazing home workout videos as well as daily motivational content have kept us motivated and moving. Read Hilarie’s interview below to discuss workouts and routines, as well as debunking fitness stereotypes.

Q: Please tell us about your background, and how you got involved with Snap Fitness.

Since I started in the industry of health and well-being, I have worked there for almost 15 years. My career began as a Lifetime Fitness Parker personal trainer, and then I moved into personal training. After feeling that I needed a change, I decided to start my own raw food and juice bar before returning to the management of gyms in Australia. After COVID, I returned to NZ last year with my family. I was then offered a management position at Snap Fitness Ormiston.

Q: What are your customers most fondly about Snap Fitness?

Our club culture and high standards of service are what people love. From our top-of-the-line gym equipment to our incredible team of trainers and coaches, they also love the club culture. There’s something for everyone here, from powerlifting training to newbies to exercising. We care about everyone’s goals and the purpose of their training. We are a great team with great morale. We are all about positivity, and how people feel when they join and work with us.

Q: What’s your lockdown Exercise routine looked like?

Each day I have a different fitness plan. It keeps me busy and gives me a chance to get out of my house. I usually get up, start my work, and then head outside for a walk.

Run or my workout. Online classes have been held and I’ve taken some. It’s great to see everyone and get together for a workout.

Q: What home exercises tips have you been sharing with your clients/members as simple suggestions?

You can plan your workouts for the week, and you can vary them to keep your workout interesting. On Mondays, you can run, on Tuesdays, go for a bike ride and Wednesdays, do body weight sitting.

Ups and crunches, Thursdays long walks or yoga. Also, you should check out Snap Fitness Ormiston’s online classes. There are many classes and times that can be adapted to your schedule.