Tooth Implant Infection: The Causes

By: RandyYoumans

Tooth Implant Infection: The Causes

Statistics have shown that chances of Tooth Implant failure is about five percent for lower jaw implants and ten percent for upper jaw implants. One of Tooth Implants the most confusing aspects of Tooth Implant failure is that if a person is wearing multiple implants, it’s possible that all of them will succeed. There isn’t a way, to this point to identify the root cause the selective Tooth Implant failure.

According to some dentists they believe that this Tooth Implant failure is caused by the presence of bacteria in the jawbone. When the implant is placed into the bone, it releases the bacteria and makes them uninhabitable in the tissue surrounding it. As long as the other implants are placed in clean bone, they’ll be healed quickly and efficiently However, the implant that is infected with germs may eventually get inflamed, not healing properly and the implant will eventually fail.

Tooth Implant Rejection

Tooth Implant failure does not necessarily be a sign of Tooth Implant rejection. Tooth Implants are made of titanium. This metal, due to its “inert” nature has been used in hip replacements for almost forty years. There are no negative reactions to titanium are observed in human tissue , and there are no allergic reactions when it’s commercially purified.

However it is possible that the Tooth Implant can get contaminated in the facility where it is produced. All Tooth Implant manufacturers must adhere to strict FDA quality standards. It could also be contaminated in the dentist’s office when the procedure is being performed even though all dentists and periodontists are also expected to follow the highest hygiene standards.

Whatever the reason, Tooth Implant Failures are most likely to occur within a couple of days after the procedure. Anyone experiencing discomfort or bleeding following the implant procedure ought to speak with their dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth Implant Problems Could Be Caused by Other Factors

Tooth Implant failure may also result from the patient’s neglect to post-care. It is important to follow the instructions provided by your dentist when taking care of the implant. If, despite maintaining the implant properly and the patient continues to experience tenderness or swelling around the implant it could be a sign of infection and the dentist needs to be consulted immediately.

An Tooth Implant failure can also occur if the implant is not properly placed. An implant that is not placed correctly is likely to be disturbed by the mouth’s biting motion; and people who know they grind their teeth while sleeping are advised to ask their dentists if they are suitable candidates for Tooth Implants. In the majority of cases, your dentist will simply supply you with a mouth keep your teeth grinding at a minimum.

If your Tooth Implant fails, it will be replaced when the root cause is identified.