Choice Award for Best “Travel Fashion Girl”

By: RandyYoumans

Do you find yourself reaching for the same outfit every time you go to the store? Travel fashion girl is no different. So you feel confident and stylish wherever you go, our readers have shared their top picks for Travel fashion girls. See what they had to say!

The Best Travel Fashion Girl

You can tell from our name that we are passionate about fashion and style while traveling. We also believe in packing light and a capsule wardrobe.

  • We asked our readers to answer the ultimate question.
  • What would you wear if you could only wear one outfit for a whole trip?
  • These are the top Travel fashion girls according to our readers:

Feminine Chic

“A sleeveless top and cardigan, black skirt, and black ballet flats. It could be worn up or down depending on what I am doing.

This is the perfect Travel fashion girl outfit for spring, summer and fall if you like skirts and dresses over pants. You can wear this outfit day or night, as it can be easily dressed up or down.

You can swap out the sleeveless shirt for a sweater or add tights for cooler seasons. A reader suggested adding a scarf to this look to add warmth and color.

Winter Romance

“Merino wool tunic or dress, black leggings, necklace and ankle boots.”

This outfit is what we picture when we imagine walking down cobblestone streets in Europe. A dress with tights or boots is a great choice for a casual, cozy look that’s also stylish and sophisticated.

Even if you don’t usually wear dresses, a merino top with leggings can be a great alternative. It is both comfortable enough to fly in and stylish enough to wear at dinner.

If you plan to walk a lot with your ankle boots, a flat heel is best. A shorter heel is better for formal occasions.

Beachside Casual

“My distressed girlfriend jeans, my long open cardigan and my flip-flops, with a white or dark tee and long sleeves.

While dressing up can be fun, jeans and a tee are the best. The most comfortable style of jeans is the girlfriend jeans. A slimmer-fitting tee is the best option to avoid looking sloppy.

For warmth, bring a duster cardigan and flip-flops to the beach.

Another reader suggested that you swap your denim pants for a maxi-skirt, even if you don’t like jeans.

Airplane Comfort

“Comfy leggings and a soft-textured t-shirt. Wear ankle boots. Layer my Icebreaker long-sleeve shirt over the tshirt.

Temperatures on planes can be quite extreme. It can be freezing at times, but it can also be hot and stuffy. This is the ideal solution.

Leggings that are more workout-oriented, such as leggings with a hem, are recommended to help maintain a steady body temperature. If it’s warm, the t-shirt will keep your body cool. Layer the long-sleeve shirt underneath if it is cold.

Ankle boots will also keep your feet warm. Slip-on boots or zip booties are easier to pass security. For comfort, you can also wear compression socks.

Sporty and Stylish Travel Fashion Girl

“Jeans, a tee and a boyfriend cardigan with Superga tennis sneakers.”

Many readers suggested the perfect three-piece outfit: jeans, a tee and sneakers. For classic sophistication, one reader suggested black jeans and a white v neck tee. If you are traveling to South America or Spain, consider more vibrant options.

Layer with a boyfriend cardigan, or a button-down top made of chambray when it’s cool.

Superga is our favorite brand for sneakers. For a more casual style, white is the best choice. If you are concerned about them getting dirty, black or grey are great options.