Yoga Mom: Step by Step Guide

By: RandyYoumans

You decide to give yoga mom a try, not wanting to do too many things too quickly. It is said to be gentle and can help those who, for whatever reason (like carrying a baby for nine months), are tired and in pain.

But where do you start? But where do you start? Don’t worry! Although I am not qualified to teach you yoga, I will do my best! This is the complete guide for starting yoga mom at home. Trust me. I’m a mom!

Yoga Mom Step 1

Tar-jay has a lot of cute and unique workout clothes. You can’t exercise properly if you don’t have a tee with some kind of inside joke or fandom. You should not wear your husband’s oversize hoodie with your stained sweats that are only visible on high-bloat days. Yoga Mom is serious business and you have to be extra cute in order to succeed.

Yoga Mom Step 2

Once you feel confident that you look amazing, take a picture with your phone. This is an important step, as you must post your selfie to Facebook before you start the workout. Your workouts won’t be counted if you don’t share them on social media.

Yoga Mom Step 3

Find a video that you like and clear your space. Be brief. Moms are busy moms. Perfect is twenty to twenty five minutes. Fifteen minutes is even better. Ten minutes is the best. You won’t regret it if it takes longer than five minutes. Start it, wait for it to finish, ensure that the children are not distracted or asleep, and then get on with it. Mama, you got this!

Step 4

Stretch. Good stretching is key to any good workout. Get comfortable and limber up to prepare your body for the next phase. It’s okay if your shirt is up and your stomach is open, that’s a good sign. Your baby is the only one who can see you, and he won’t judge. Are you familiar with his bald spots?

Step 5

Pose! Feel like a master yogi. You are the only one who is as amazing as you. Yoga mom is your calling. You are stunning and beautiful. These poses may not be familiar to you, but they are so beautiful! You are free to call them what you like. This one is “grinding at the old dude at club.” This one “I am an human stick.”

Step 6

Admire your flexibility. You did a great job on that last lunge. Your knee was only 20 inches from the floor. You are a goddess. In a commercial for Fabletics, you are Kate Hudson! Gwyneth is holding a jade eggs in her genitals! You are strong, powerful and doing a fantastic job!