Amazing truths about “Yoga Vashita”

By: RandyYoumans

Yoga Vashita

Lord Rama is devastated when he realizes the futility and misery of existence. He seeks refuge in Rishi Vashita and is taken to the pinnacle by the enlightened Rishi Vashita. The dialogue between them, later captured in Yoga Vashita, leads him to the truth. This timeless dialogue, interspersed with deep stories, brings out astonishing truths about the existence of this world and ends Lord Rama’s suffering. These are just a few of the many truths revealed in this ancient scripture.

Yoga Vashita

The universe doesn’t exist in the first place

The text states that the world is only a illusion. It doesn’t exist, therefore it is not real!

Modern physics seems agreeable. CERN’s 2017 study (The European Organization for Nuclear Research), found that the universe has a perfect symmetry between matter & antimatter. All the antimatter in our universe should have canceled the matter, which suggests that the universe shouldn’t exist.

Yoga Vashita

How do you and I breathe and function in the world?

Perhaps it’s all just a dream! The world of the past doesn’t exist right now, and it will disappear in the future. The world is only a temporary appearance. It is not real to its core.

This mind-blowing truth is explained by Rishi Vashita when Lord Rama questions him about the future of the world.

Yoga Vashita quotes him as saying, “Water in the mirage doesn’t come into existence and go out of existence. Even so, this universe does not emerge from the absolute nor does its go anywhere.” It has no cause and thus has no beginning. It doesn’t exist right now. How can it be destroyed?

The mind creates the world.

Our minds are the most powerful tool to create the world.

Yoga Vashita speaks to the power of the mind by stating, “The mind alone creates the world. The mind alone is supreme person.” The mind can take action; the body cannot.

Also, welcome karma! Karma, or the impression of an action, is created by thoughts and not the actions of your body.

Further, the text states, “Whatever appears within one’s consciousness that seems to be coming into being, gets established, and even bears fruit.”

Time is not eternal

Einstein’s theory about relativity states that time is relative to the observer. Events that happen at one time may occur at another time for another observer. Time yoga vashita may be slow for an observer on Earth, but it might be fast on another planet.

Rishi Vashita explained the astonishing theory by telling a story in which a queen is guided through her past lives by Goddess Saraswati (the Goddess of knowledge).