Ideas, safety and expert tips for the Keto diet meal plans

By: RandyYoumans

The ketogenic diet was originally developed to treat medication-resistant epilepsy (in children) and has gained popularity due to its ability to help with weight loss. No matter the reason, it is important to consult a doctor before making any major dietary changes. Our goal through Our Paleo Life is to provide a second source of information to assist you in achieving your these sugar free desserts. Our outlook is frequently affected by research findings. In a constant manner the scientific community is discovering new aspects of the human body and how exercise, diet, light, and other methods affect longevity.


The keto diet is low in carbohydrate and encourages the body to enter ketosis, a metabolic state that allows for a very low level of carbohydrates. The body is forced to use its fat reserves by cutting out carbohydrate, which is the body’s preferred energy source. Ketones are a form of alternative energy that can be used to power your body.


  • Keto pancakes
  • Omelet
  • Avocado and bacon frittata
  • Crustless quiche
  • Wraps of lettuce and chili beef with chili sauce
  • Salmon salad grilled
  • Green salsa and skirt steak


  • Barbecu beef steaks served with tomato salad
  • Grilled lemon chicken served with goat’s cheese and a salad of goat’s milk
  • Lamb skewers served with tzatziki dip sauce
  • Low-carb cauliflower steaks
  • Kumaran offers some important tips for anyone considering a keto diet.
  • Ensure you get adequate protein in your diet

You need to get enough nutrients from vegetables. Choose colorful, low-carbohydrate vegetables for your antioxidant requirements. There are many meal options in our 7-day keto diet plan.

Avoid eating too many fats, especially saturated fats from red meat and dairy.

You should be focusing on healthy fats, especially extra virgin olive oil, nuts and oily fish, as well as avocado.

  • Get plenty of water and replenish your salts as needed
  • Take into consideration meal times
  • A keto monitor can help you track your ketosis.

Heart Disease and Other Medical Conditions

Medical researchers have determined that the ketogenic diet should not be used by patients suffering from pancreatitis or liver failure.

Before starting any eating plan, it is important to consult your healthcare provider if you have a metabolic disorder or a heart condition. Although a ketogenic diet can reduce the risk of these conditions, research indicates that there are more studies needed to determine the long-term effects on cardiovascular disease and metabolic risk factors.


A low-carb diet is recommended for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes. However, the keto diet could affect medication if you’re taking them. If they decide to adopt the keto diet, experts recommend that diabetics consult their healthcare provider to adjust their medication dosing.


The impact of a ketogenic diet upon pregnant women or those wishing to get pregnant is not well-documented. Some research suggests that low-carbohydrate diets may help women achieve pregnancy. However, animal studies suggest that ketogenic diets can have adverse effects on the developing foetus.