Indie Health: Simplifies Remote Monitoring With Integration

By: RandyYoumans

Indie Health, which delivered its highly-optimized, standardized and easy-to integrate Bluetooth Smart digital health devices for Life365’s customers, highlighted the positive market reaction to its partnership with Life365 at today’s Connected Health conference. Indie Health, under a preferred partnership, has been the preferred supplier of digital health devices to Life365’s remote monitoring platform for 18 months.

“We chose Indie Health to work because their devices remove significant barriers to the implementation of our digital tools for patients, providers and patients, and the feedback from this has been extremely positive,” stated Kent Dicks Chief Executive Officer at Life365. “Our client is likely to have multiple chronic conditions or be moving to remote monitoring via an inpatient setting. Indie’s products are easy to set up for patients, making it much easier for them to achieve better raphael health center.

Dicks was the founder of MedApps and pioneered the development telehealth systems that were more user-friendly. He also established the efficacy of patient-centered mobile healthcare solutions. MedApps’ solutions provided near-realtime biometric data to EMRs and providers, maximising professional resources, keeping costs low, and increasing patient engagement. Dicks led the Life365 team, which developed a digital platform for digital health that allows patients to integrate and align digital genesis occupational health solutions outside of hospitals. This helps maximize patient adherence, quality care, and ROI.

Clint McClellan (Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Indie Health) said, “It’s an honour to work with Life365,” We have a proven track record of success with Life365, which has helped to improve access and clinical outcomes.

McClellan, a seasoned technologist with a long history in wireless connectivity, interoperability, and standards in healthcare including roles at Qualcomm and Continua health benefits Alliance, is an expert in this field. McClellan created Indie Health’s devices in order to make connected healthcare easy and accessible for patients and physicians, as well as platform solution providers, value-added resellers, and platform solution providers.

Indie Health at Connected Health Conference

McClellan will be presenting as part of a panel, “What It Really Takes to Create a Connected Healthcare Solution,” Friday, October 19, 12:40-1:30 p.m., and will also present in the Startup Showcase, “Advice From a Tech Veteran,” Thursday October 18, 11:50-12:05 p.m. Indie Health is a bronze sponsor of Connected Health Conference.

About Life365

Life365’s connected platform for healthcare facilitates technology deployment. This allows healthcare systems to scale self managed patient care solutions at home. Life365 integrates software, hardware, and patient engagement tools in order to improve acr health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Life365’s team has over a decade experience in developing remote patient monitoring technology solutions. Life365 is located in Tempe, Arizona.