Get Spin Class Tips to Look Like a Pro

By: RandyYoumans

Our online spin class are rapidly becoming a popular class at BH Live Active. We offer over 140 classes per week in our Bournemouth and Poole centres.

These classes can be done in 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how busy you are. Spin classes can have a lot of positive effects on your body if you maintain the correct nutritional balance.

These tips will help you maximize the benefits of spinning, whether you’re new to it or have been spinning for some time.

Get your spin bike set up

The spin bike is all about position. The right positioning will ensure a good workout for your core, glutes, and legs. These are three tips for spinning class that will help you put your best foot forward to get the most power.

Place the seat post high enough so that your leg is straightened when you place the heel on the pedal. You should be able extend your leg by putting your foot on the pedal. For comfort, adjust the seat by 1 pin.

Consider buying cycling shoes

You can clip your cycling shoes into your pedals, creating a dragging motion at each pedal stroke. This will allow your hip flexors, calves, and hamstrings to activate properly. It will also prevent the “piston-like” motion of your quads that can cause knee pain and excessive tightening through your hips.

Remember that more muscle work + more energy means more calories burned!

If you have any questions about how to clip in or out, your instructor can help.

Your whole body should be used

Your core muscles will make it easier to spin faster. You can tire your feet and legs during a spin class. However, if you engage your core for every stroke, your stamina will increase.

You will be able to move more efficiently and use more of your legs to propel you forward. Sprinting requires you to keep your hips locked in and your thighs squeezed. To encourage you to keep your body weight even when tired, place your shoulders just above your wrists.

Use a heart rate monitor

Tracking your output is not your primary priority if you’re spinning for social benefits, meeting people, or being in a positive atmosphere.

A heart rate monitor is useful if you want to lose weight, improve your aerobic fitness, or train for a competition.

To set realistic goals, it is important to assess your current fitness level. A heart rate monitor like MyZone can help you track your progress and keep you focused on your training. Instead of feeling like you are working, you can push yourself to achieve a goal.

Do not be afraid to dial the numbers

It is not enough to just be in the spin studio.

Once you are on the bike, locate your point of contact where you feel the resistance. If your instructor tells you to do a half turn, then go ahead. It’s not supposed to be difficult!

If you feel that turning is slowing down your legs, and your instructor wants you to sprint, then you can take it off. Follow the instructor’s instructions exactly.

Take care of your bike. What can you do to help?

This is the last tip we have for spin class!

While we do our best to keep the bikes in good condition, there are very few things that you can do to take care of the equipment.

  • All adjustment dials should be loosen.
  • The lengthen the seat post
  • The handle bars should be extended
  • Clean the bike, including the handlebar post and seat post.
  • Clean the bike and floor

You’ll be sweating for at least 30 minutes after hard work. The bike can absorb sweat and cause rust. To prevent this, the adjustable positions should be extended. This will reduce tension and prevent any wobbling in the future when tightening them up.