Tooth Implant Procedure and Recovery

By: RandyYoumans

Teeth Implant Procedure and Recovery

Many dental patients are intimidated by the idea of Tooth Implant Procedure. But these restorative devices should not be so frightening; prosthodontists use them to help maintain dental health and ensure that you can still speak, chew, and enjoy life normally.

What Are Tooth Implants?

History has shown that tooth implants have been around for millennia. The Mayans, Ancient Egyptians, and George Washington all used bone and wood to craft false teeth.

Science has enabled us to stop relying on materials for Tooth Implants. Nowadays, most are made of titanium and surgically placed in the jaw in order to take the root of a tooth and its roots. Furthermore, implants do more than just rest on dental structures; they support adjacent teeth by implanting into the jaw alongside other dental prosthetic devices like crowns, bridges, dentures, and crowns.

Tooth Implant Procedure

Dental patients who require implants must prepare in advance. A dentist must accurately identify the location, shape and form of the mouth and jaw before any implants can be placed – including its proximity to sinus cavities or inferior alveolar nerve channels in the jaw. In addition to standard CT scans and Xrays, additional CT scans may also be necessary. To avoid complications and guarantee a perfect fit, it’s essential that the dimensions of your jaw and bone be determined beforehand.

Once the planning phase is complete, an oral surgeon can begin the actual procedure. Implants must be placed over the gums.

Implants are placed without any other tooth Implants being attached, allowing natural bone growth over the implant before prosthetic devices such as crowns can be attached.

Tooth Implant Recovery

There is debate regarding how long it will take for an implant to heal before attaching a prosthesis. Generally, it’s recommended that this healing process take between two and four months before any additional stress is added on it. If bone grafting is required, this can take up to six months.

In certain clinical scenarios, temporary prostheses may be placed the same day as implant placement in very rare instances.

Implants generally have a high success rate, though this depends on the specific procedure and experience of the surgeon performing it. Selecting the right dentist to carry out this important step is key for ensuring a successful outcome.

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